The Knot

The food and entertainment were just as noteworthy, with the couple treating guests to inspired signature cocktails, decadent eats and livly performance by thee Dexter Lake Club Band. “We really had the best team of people,” says Allison, “from our designer David Beahm to our planner Lauren Fishman and the Dexter Lake Club Band.” A tip for the taking from Allison: “Take thirty seconds in the middle of your ceremony to look out at the crowd and see all of the people who came to support you. Absorbing that love was really amazing. The whole night goes so fast, so take the time to enjoy every minute. Don’t stress about the details!”


Your performance was inarguably the driving force behind much of the night’s debauchery. Were there any moments, maybe dance floor observations from the party that made you guys step back and question if things we’re still withing the confines of the law?

Aside from the woman who decided to come onstage during “Welcome to the Jungle” and ended the song in the split position? I think there is some video of that up on our Instagram by the way (@dexter lake club band). We also saw some very tender romantic moments in the crowd, so look there will likely be a couple of Yacht Club Time Machine babies in about nine months. She didn’t do a ton of dancing, but we also want to go officialy on record in saying how much we liked the lady in the skintight watermelon body suit.