NPR,WNYC Soundcheck: Smackdown Wedding Band vs. DJ


WNYC’s Soundcheck kicked off Wedding Season by debating Wedding Band versus DJ. Obviously we come down on the side of the band. More importantly when it came time to make the argument for a live band over a DJ the hosts of the show invoked The Dexter Lake Club Band. John Schaefer host of NPR’s Sound Check and New Sounds called The Dexter Lake Club Band, “New York Wedding Rock Royalty.”

They played some live audio of the band and went on to say that the Dexter Lake Club Band is “a wedding band that skirts the cheesy issues that are associated with that term: wedding band.”

Our favorite part of the segment is when our cover of Tom Petty’s American Girl kicks in and John Schaefer shouts, “The Dexter Lake Club Band, You Should Be So Lucky!” You can listen to the segment on NPR’s website here. Skip to around 3:40 in to hear The Dexter Lake Club Band.

NPR and John Schaefer were so impressed with the Dexter Lake Club Band that they invited us back to the WNYC Studios to record the theme song for their Summer of ‘94 series. Here is some of the audio that aired all summer long on NPR as they celebrated twenty years since the Summer of ‘94. The theme song starts at 0:48 seconds into the clip.


“Wedding Rock Royalty” -



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