Walter Martin

Dexter Lake Club Band’s bass player Walter Martin of The Walkmen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The National for recording project.

Dexter Lake Club Band bass player, Jamie, was in the recording studio playing on the new solo record by Walter Martin of the Walkmen. Jamie played and recorded alongside Indie Rock legends the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The National, and members of the Walkmen for our good buddy Walter’s new record. You can listen to the first single from the record featuring Jamie and Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs here at this link!

Walter’s solo debut recording, We’re All Young Together has won a Parents' Choice Silver Award. It features songs about childhood, schoolyard romance, zoo animals and adventure. Walter’s songs have been featured in major advertising campaigns (including two Apple commercials and a Google Android commercial). Songs from the album have been featured in numerous movies and TV programs and the album produced a longstanding #1 single for SiriusXM's family station. 

Walt is an old friend of the Dexter Lake Club Band. We couldn’t be more happy for the success of this record, and we are honored to be a small part of it.