Recording for NPR

Dexter Lake Club Band records theme song for NPR’s WNYC Soundcheck.

The Dexter Lake Club Band was honored to be featured on NPR for the WNYC show Soundcheck hosted by John Schaefer. That episode of the show was titled, “Smackdown: Live Band versus DJ”. In the episode the hosts debated and discussed the merits of hiring a wedding band versus a DJ. It was then that John Schaefer dubbed the Dexter Lake Club Band, “New York Wedding Rock Royalty.”

Later in the episode they played a clip of our cover of Tom Petty’s American Girl and John exclaimed, “The Dexter Lake Club Band, you should be so lucky!”

He must of been serious since a short while later NPR invited the Dexter Lake Club Band into the WNYC recording studios in downtown Manhattan, New York City. They asked us to record a theme song for their Summer of ‘94 series, a twenty-year retrospective that was airing throughout the summer of 2014. NPR wanted a cover of Bryan Adam’s Summer of ‘69, with the words changed to be Summer of ‘94. Rock music covers are a bit of a specialty of ours so they came to the right place. Here is the theme song that aired throughout the summer of 2014 on NPR featuring the Dexter Lake Club Band. We come in about 48 seconds into the stream on NPR’s website.